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I am Rob Jansen, a positive, energetic nature-loving Dutch guy/guide. I just love being outdoors. Walking through the rain forest in Ecuador, driving through the Indian Himalayas, cycling the death road in Bolivia, or taking a small canoe in The Gambia…any way it goes! Abroad I try to search as many birds, mammals or anything cool I can find!


When not traveling I work in the garden, study up for our (me and my wife’s) next journey, enjoy a series on Netflix, chill out our with friends…and of course: walk in nature with a few of the before mentioned friends and wife. I always challenge myself to learn more about birds, mammals, frogs, reptiles, dragonflies, butterflies and or anything that moves. What helps with that is photography. Still an amateur, but getting better and better after already 15 years of practicing. Maybe take a look at my website and see what cool countries there are (and then go back to Austin’s website and book your next trip, perhaps I’ll be your guide).


Hope we can travel together soon!

Cheers, Rob

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