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Robert Hartsig

Robert was born in Phoenix Arizona but grew up in Nashville Tennessee. Robert’s parents, being very enthusiastic outdoor adventurists themselves, took Robert to parks and cities all over the country growing up. Spending time with family in these places is what developed Robert’s love for all things outdoors and travel related. Playing several sports growing up helped Robert develop physical, leadership, and adventurous skills. After a trip to Europe during high school, Robert was influenced by his Italian guide to pursue a career in the travel industry, which is the direction he took going to the University of Tennessee the next year. During his university tenure, Robert began his professional career as a guide in Chattanooga Tennessee, and has since guided professionally in 15 states and 10 national parks, ranging from the American West to the South. After ‘retiring’ from a separate career in web development, Robert has been able to completely devote his professional and personal life to guiding. Robert spends his free time by tossing his bike in his car and taking road trips all over the country.

What is Your Favorite Travel Destination?

My favorite travel destination is pretty broad: the Western United States, every inch of it. I also travel to national parks constantly.

What is Your Favorite Hike?

My favorite hike is Sky Rim trail in Yellowstone, which I did after previously living in Montana.

What is Your Favorite Bike Ride?

My current favorite bike ride is along the Southeast coast, from Charleston to Savannah.

What is Your Favorite Movie?


What is Your Favorite Book?

Definitely Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck.

What is your Favorite Song?

‘Golden’ by My Morning Jacket

When Did You Catch the Travel Bug?

First time I caught the travel bug is when my family moved from Phoenix to Nashville, and I found myself completely immersed in a new part of America I had to explore.

What are your Hobbies?

My hobbies outside of travel include history, exercise, camping, working on my freelance web development gigs, and staying in touch with family.

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