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Updated Booking Policies


As we approach the end of a year that no one will soon forget, we here at Austin Adventures (Dan, Carol, Kasey, and the rest of our incredible team), just want to thank everyone out there for getting through this tough time with us. Looking back to the early days of the pandemic, no one had any idea how much was truly at stake and how much of a challenge we were up against. Were we in for a wild ride or what!? We’d be remiss if we first didn’t express our gratitude to the guests and travel advisors who trusted us with their vacation plans this summer; we were thrilled to keep our doors open to those wanting to still get out there and explore our own backyard here in the states. Those who risked travel in 2020 truly appreciated “the break from the real world” that an Austin Adventures vacation provides. To those who rescheduled their travels to next year, we fully understand and appreciate your willingness and positivity while working out alternate travel plans amidst an uncertain future.

The real MVP’s this year was the team we have in place here at Austin Adventures – both our office staff and guides. Upon adapting the mantra, “Anticipate, Be Honest, Communicate” (our company ABC’s), every single person on Team Austin rolled up their sleeves and dove right into crisis management with a can-do attitude, no complaints, even with the added challenge of working remotely for the first time ever (just like many of you reading this now). Our guide team… ooftah, we have to give some serious kudos to them for navigating the challenges of operating trips amidst a pandemic. While guiding in a “normal” year certainly provides its own set of trials and tribulations, these incredible superhumans handled elevated cleaning protocols; altered accommodations; restaurant closures; multiple vans on trips; a wide array of differing guest expectations; and a million other little things that popped up along the way…. still delivering trips of a lifetime to our guests like the true professionals that they are. With our 2020 COVID Operating Plan in place, we did not have any guests on our trips contract COVID-19 this year to our knowledge. We are dang proud of this small but mighty team who beat the odds of operating in 2020, and we aren’t exaggerating when we say we’ve all grown stronger as a team and company.

If we learned anything this past year, it’s that we’re all just normal, everyday people trying to overcome a challenge together. It’s been tough on us all in many different ways. But in the end, we just want to thank you all for being good humans and sticking through it with us until we see this thing through to the other side. For this too shall pass…


First of all, it should be noted that Austin Adventures operates with a “family vibe”: We try our hardest to work with every guest who we consider an extension of the Austin family and figure out what works best on a case-by-case basis. We have the power to be flexible where possible, but we still need to stand by our policies in order to work with multiple elements of the business (accommodations, guides, subcontractors, etc.)

For any bookings made on or before December 31, 2020 (including guests who transferred trips from 2020 to 2021) the following policies will apply:

Deposit Schedule
  •  Domestic & Europe Scheduled Departures: a $250 per guest deposit is requested to hold your reservation
  •  International Scheduled Departures: Deposit amounts vary but average around $750 per guest
  •  Custom departures: 25% of the total trip cost is requested to confirm your reservation (less any custom trip development fees)
Final Payment Schedule
  •  Final Payment remains due at 90 days before travel; however, until further notice, we will allow a courtesy 30-day grace period, allowing final payment to be made up to 60 days from date of travel.
  • Bookings made within 60 days require full payment at time of booking.** Please note that considerations for alternate payment schedules will be considered upon request.
Rescheduling & Lightened Cancellation Policies
  •  Option 1: Reschedule your trip
    •  Up to 60 days prior to departure date, we are allowing a no-questions-asked rescheduling of your trip with no penalties or fees. If you do not know your future travel date, your deposit funds will be placed in an escrow account without having to commit to where or when. Your trip credit can be transferred to any adventure, any time.
  •  Option 2: Cancel your trip
    •  If you decide to cancel your adventure outside of 90 days, your $250 per person deposit will be forfeited. Alternatively, we can put your deposit amount in escrow to be used for travel at a future date.
    •  Between 90-61 days from travel if you wish to cancel on a trip scheduled to “run,” we will place 25% of your funds in an escrow account to be used as credit to any future adventure. We will refund the remaining 75% of your payment.
    •  Between 60-31 days from travel if you wish to cancel on a trip scheduled to “run,” we will place 50% of your funds in an escrow account to be used as credit to any future adventure. We will refund the remaining 50% of your payment.
    •  From 30 days until time of departure, if you wish to cancel on a trip scheduled to “run,” we will place 50% of funds in escrow for future travel and 50% will be forfeit to cover nonrefundable trip costs.

** For any bookings made on or after January 1, 2021 our standard terms and conditions will apply.

** Please note that our rescheduling and lightened cancellation policies do not apply to Wildland bookings.

Austin Adventures Trip Postponement

We will do everything in our power to not postpone a trip within the 30-day window. In the unlikely event that Austin Adventures must postpone a trip due to federal, state, or local authority, governmental intervention, national park closures, or our own decision, we are offering the following policy:

• For trips postponed by Austin Adventures within 30 days of travel, 100% of your funds will be kept in an escrow account. A credit equal to 110% of the price you paid for the actual tour can be used for another trip through 2022. The full value of the credit must be applied to a new reservation prior to December 31, 2021.

** As we’ve learned over the past few months, what makes sense today may not make sense tomorrow. Please understand that we reserve the right to change these policies without prior notice due to fluidity and unpredictability of today’s current world.


On behalf of the entire Austin Adventures team, we THANK YOU for sticking with us during these challenging times. We won’t let you down. As always, we will make ourselves available 24/7 for any additional questions or concerns you may have. It’s that simple:

Dan Austin Founder & CEO [email protected] 1-406-671-6067
Kasey Austin, President [email protected] 1-406-860-6853
Carol Austin, Sales & MOM [email protected] 1-406-671-6068

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