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Guests Smiling on a Snowy Hike

This is my favorite trip to guide, because when you visit Yellowstone in the winter, you get to experience it like it was meant to be. It’s as though you’re one of the first explorers to discover this enchanting area. — Corey Meyer — Austin Adventures guide – That’s the guide’s perspective, but keep reading to find out what you can expect to see and do as a guest on… Continued

By Katie Jackson /

The mesmerizing topography of Death Valley as seen at sunset.

It’s always been a hot destination, so we couldn’t be more stoked that this national park is one of our new 2015 trips. See below for some interesting facts that will leave you wanting to take the trip of a lifetime to Death Valley! 1. Death Valley National Park is celebrating its 20th anniversary! In 1994, Congress made this section of the Mojave Desert a national park. 2. Coming in at a whopping more than 3.4… Continued

By Katie Jackson /

Sunset photo taken in the Galapagos Islands

If someone told you there was a country in South America whose official currency was the U.S. dollar, would you believe them? It’s true. And since Ecuador is our November 2014 Country of the Month, we can help you save more than $100 on your next trip to the world famous Galapagos Islands! Some people call this distinctive archipelago the country’s crown jewel, and after years of experiencing the islands… Continued

By Katie Jackson /


Some of the most exhilarating travel experiences and destinations just happen to be up in the sky – so far up, in fact, that they can sometimes cause what some unfortunate travelers experience as high altitude sickness. But, lucky for you, dear traveler, we have some tips and tricks for adjusting to altitude, helping you have the very best trip possible. Let’s start by explaining what altitude sickness really is.… Continued

By Kasey Austin /

Solo traveler in front of a mountain.

  You may be a little intimidated at the idea of traveling alone to a city or country you’ve never visited before. And let us tell you – that is completely normal. But if you’re someone who can get past the natural nerves and uncertainty that arise, we’re certain that you’ll love the end reward. Traveling solo is an amazing opportunity to see the world, and is a very rewarding… Continued

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