French Bike Tours

On our French bike tours, you’ll explore picturesque villages, lush, world-famous wine producing vineyards, ancient castles, fields of lavender, and of course gourmet cuisine (maybe some escargot). Discover raw French beauty on our French bike tours as you pedal along rolling green meadows, pausing to explore historic WWII sites, Leonardo da Vinci’s last residence, or even the asylum where Van Gogh was treated after he removed his own ear! Journey through the beauty of France’s seaside and port towns, tasting freshly farmed oysters just after they are harvested from the sea. Our France bike tours are exhilarating on all levels! We have France vacation packages and French bike tours tailored to adults or families. Watch your child’s face light up as they spy the first medieval castle on our France family vacations. Kayak the Vienne River, cycle across the Loire, and enjoy cuisine fit for a king. Bike through densely wooded forests and alongside plentiful vineyards, stopping in for wine tastings as time allows. On our French bike tours in Provence, you’ll pedal in the foothills of the Alpilles and do some shopping in a local marketplace for olives, honey, and truffles. The warm, cozy feel of the French countryside will stay with you long after you return home! Find out more about all of our luxury travel in France down below.

6 France Adventure Tour Packages

  • Chateau Chenonceau, Loire Valley, France

    France | Loire Valley

    7 days/6 nights

    Explore the incredible Loire Valley on this France Bike Tour! Romance. Enchanting castles. Medieval folklore. You’re invited to leave the…

    From$3,498 / person

    trip details
    Tour Highlights & Departures


    • Adult Only Vacations
    • Biking
    • Cultural
    • Wine / Gourmet

    Activity Level: Easy

    Departure dates

    • Aug 21, 2016
    • Sep 18, 2016
    • May 28, 2017
    • Jun 25, 2017
    • Aug 20, 2017
    • Sep 17, 2017

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  • Group of bikers in Provence

    France | Provence

    7 days/6 nights

    Hike, Bike, and Kayak on our France Vacation Package! Run away with us on this all-inclusive, custom France bike tour…

    From$3,898 / person

    trip details
    Tour Highlights & Departures


    • Adult Only Vacations
    • Biking
    • Cultural
    • Hiking
    • Paddling
    • Wine / Gourmet

    Activity Level: Moderately Easy

    Departure dates

    • Sep 4, 2016
    • Sep 25, 2016
    • Oct 9, 2016
    • Apr 30, 2017
    • May 21, 2017
    • Jun 11, 2017
    • Sep 3, 2017
    • Sep 24, 2017
    • Oct 8, 2017

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Best time to travel

When is the Best Time to Travel to France?

The weather in France tends to be quite temperate year round making travel easy any time. However, with a coast on the warm Mediterranean, mountainous areas in the Alps, and cooler coasts on the Atlantic (such as Normandy) the weather can be variable from region to region. Your definition of “perfect” will determine the best time to visit France for you!

•    Spring (April to June)
The weather in spring is temperate and there tends to be less tourists during early spring.  Expect mostly sunny, warm days with occasional rain fall. Temperatures average mid-50s to low 70s. Everything is open (museums, cafes, art festivals, etc.).  With less tourists to contend with this also means less congested roads and shorter waits.  Paris, Loire Valley, Normandy, and Alsace are exceptional in spring.

•    Fall (September to November) Fall in France is the start of “la rentrée”, when children return to school and the holidays are over. This is perfect time to visit France as most tourists have returned home. In southern region of the country, the weather remains pleasantly warm-but not hot, the countryside is showing off its’ autumnal colors, and the famous Fête des Vendanges.  Temperatures average mid-50s to low 70s. Provence, Pyrenees, Paris, and the Loire Valley are recommended regions.

•    Summer (July through August) Summers in France tend to be the most crowded. July and August are considered peak season. Not only do the summers bring international tourists, these months are when most French travel in France, too.  This means that some places (museums, shops, and restaurants) are closed. However, summers also offer the largest numbers of markets and festivals to explore and the Tour de France. Temperatures can get quite hot in some southern areas of France – up in to the 90s.

•    Winter (December through March) Winter is considered more of an “off-season.” However, winter also provides minimal tourists, better rates, French Christmas markets, and winter sports (did someone say Chamonix?) Or better yet, visit the Cote d’Azur on the French Mediterranean and experience the best of both worlds by enjoying warm days on the beach and brisk evenings by the fire.

How to Prepare

Check out these tips on how to prepare for your France Vacation

1.    Electrical Converter
Like many European countries, France uses a 220 volt system (as opposed to 110 like the US) and requires a converter if you’re traveling from North or South America.  You will also need to purchase a Type-E plug adapter in order to use your electrical devices. *Some new electronic devices and appliances can be used with either 220 V or 110 V and do not require a converter (but do require a plug adapter).  Be sure to check the specifications of your devices before use.

2.    Must See and Do List
Because France has so many things that you must see and/or visit, it is a good idea to make a prioritized list before you leave. It is also helpful to book tickets to certain events (e.g. opera, theaters, concerts, etc.) before travel.

3.    Be Prepared for Inclement Weather
Despite having mostly temperate weather, it’s best to be prepared for any weather. France can experience showers, cooler winds, and also hot, humid days. No need for a parka (unless you’re skiing!) but a light, waterproof jacket is a good idea.

4.    Here’s a resource!
The Paris Tourist Office provides essential information on the cost of living for working out how many Euros you will need for your stay in Paris: meals, cultural activities, getting around… If you have a small budget, there are guides full of handy ideas.

Insider tips

1.    Head for the ATM
Use your debit, credit or ATM card to withdraw cash directly from your account once you arrive in France. Although exchanging a small amount of cash from dollars to Euros prior to departure is considered good practice in case of an emergency, you will typically receive a better exchange rate by withdrawing funds directly from your account using an ATM machine after you arrive. ATMs are plentiful in all but the most remote locations and, no matter who you bank with, your ATM card should be accepted. Check with your bank beforehand to avoid potential issues, as some banks do charge international transaction fees. Others banking institutions may place an automatic block preventing access to accounts from foreign locations.

2.    See the sights for free
Entrance to many museums and monuments is free on certain days of the week and certain periods of the year. Make note that the entrance to the permanent collections of the national museums and monuments is free for young people under 26-years-old from one of the 27 European Union countries.

3.    Etiquette
The French reputation for rudeness is undeserved. In fact, they are sticklers for formal politeness. Beginning an exchange with a simple “Do you speak English?” will get you started on a positive note. Learning a few key French words will also take you far. Offer a bonjour when walking into a shop or café and an au revoir when leaving, even if nobody seems to be listening. Always say please, s’il vous plaît, and thank you, merci.

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