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Go Climbing in Yosemite!
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Go Climbing in Yosemite!



First off let me start by saying rock climbing is addicting, I just want to give everyone a fair warning! I have done a lot of sports in my day and rock climbing has to be the purest and most adrenaline pumping sport I’ve done. I used a photo of my twin brother on the left and a photo of me on the right to demonstrate that rock climbing is one of the ultimate family adventure vacations. The photo was taken a few summers ago in Yosemite National Park, fear not Austin doesn’t take you up El Capitan. But they do provide beginner classes where you can learn the basics of rock climbing and do some climbing of your own.

I want to clear some misconceptions about rock climbing, first off isn’t like the movie cliffhanger. Whenever I mention to someone that they should try climbing the first thing they think of is hanging off of a 3,000ft cliff about to fall… well climbing isn’t like that! You climb at your own pace and at your own ability, that is why it is one of the best sports. You go at your own pace and it’s easy to find something fun to climb at any level. Although the addiction comes soon after when you start wanting to climb more and more and harder and harder. There is just something about having it be just you and the rock, nothing else matters in that moment and it is that feeling that is indescribable. Not to mention the adrenaline rush you get while climbing and just wait to you experience topping out a route… You feel like you conquered the world!

So why not give rock climbing a shot? Austin not only provides a rock climbing class on our Yosemite National Park Tour, but they do it in the Mecca of rock climbing….Yosemite!

Your Friendly Rock Climber,



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